Facts About Public Transport in Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is famous worldwide for its historical sites, art museums and beautiful architectural structures. Travellers love to go to Berlin because aside from enjoying the fabulous tourist spots, the city has an amazing public transport system, which enables the visitors to explore the whole city. Aside from that, public transport Berlin is convenient for all tourists because the public transportation staff underwent language training, thus they can speak in English for the convenience of the travellers.

The biggest public transport system in Berlin is called Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), and is known as the best mode of transportation when touring around the city. It has a three zone system which is interconnected, and requires you to give only one ticket when you ride the bus to underground, to surface rail and to tram.

The underground network in Berlin does not have ticket barriers. However, it is important that before travelling, your ticket must be validated. There are several spot checks along the way, and you would not want to get caught by the transport officials. So to be sure, you need to validate your ticket in the validating machine before you travel around.

BVG makes sure that tourists are having a fun time in exploring the city. Even during night time, many locals and travellers from all over the world ride the public transport Berlin because of the convenience and comfort that it brings. BVG continues to improve the services and facilities to keep the public transport system a success.

The second biggest transport service in the city is known as S-Bahn Berlin GmBH. It has fifteen lines and can transport daily of more than a million passenger. Just like BVG, S-Bahn Berlin makes sure that it provides excellent service to its passengers. And to encourage the use of buses and trains, it continuously improves its facilities and services. It also uses sulphur free diesel in order to promote a clean and healthy environment.

Another great way of getting around the city is through taxi. Taxi cabs can be found in airports, hotels, and all the main stations of Berlin. But if you want to drive around to explore the wonderful sites, you can use a car. The great thing about Berlin is that it has wide and long roads that are best for driving. And if traffic is your concern, you do not need to worry about it because the city has civilized traffic, so there are no traffic issues.

Now if you want to go around by bicycle, you will definitely have a fun time exploring the city. Berlin highly recommends cycling because aside from being easy to use, it is safe as well. There are various cycle lanes and they are separated from the cars to keep the cyclists isolated from the vehicles, hence you can be assured that driving your bicycle is safe.

Staying in Berlin is definitely a great way to enjoy your vacation. Travellers love to come back to this beautiful city because aside from the fabulous tourist spots and architectural structures, public transport Berlin is great and is a big help in making the tourists easily explore the whole city.

Device a Scheme to Get an Effective Car Rental Discount Code

The option of selecting a car rental, moreover, budget car rental for journey of any distant and beautiful place of your choice and preference is always a better and cheaper option of traveling over expensive taxis. Car rental in many ways is a better option than taxis as it saves your expensive time, otherwise, unnecessarily wasted over only waiting for them to collect you.

Above discussion was only about virtues of renting a budget car but on vices, it should not be as similar to lawnmower. The crux of the whole thing is that you should be bit careful while renting a budget car for you. In other words you can follow certain steps for finally picking a car on rent.

If you have not any specific choice for a car that you wish to Drive, then you can use a car rental web site to select a car on price of your choice and preference. At a web site you not only get a very lucrative deal for car rental but also unlimited mileage scheme for renting a car. If you go for a fly-drive package for the same car renting agency then you will see upgrade for your car rental but there would be denial of service when you would book airline yourself. Though there happens to be provision of car rental service from an airlines but that hardly remains to be economical, instead they happens to be very expensive in comparison to other firms.

And while surfing on internet, sometimes, you will find that a discount is available only on a company’s website. Searching for car rental on net is also a fun exercise and at the same time there is good chance that you may come across a special car rental offer that may be available for a budget car Rental company or other and above all you do all this absolutely free at complete comfort from your home.

If you feel yourself to be more comfortable in telephonic conversation with customer car executive at agency you can seek help for number of car discounts available to you at car renting agency and go only for the best deal. Also check out from the details of your credit card that it may not be providing discount on car renting from a car renting agency. If you are senior citizen or fall in any special category like military and others you can avail car rental discounts as provided under constitutional provisions.

However, don’t take any car for granted, if you are provided with discount on a car rental, generally, budget car rental happens to be low on maintenance so check out for all sides of the car for damage, and inform renter of the car about any damage if found as you would not pay for the dent on car while returning it. You can also save money after paying considerable level of attention on car insurance too as having a car insurance of your own car saves you from signing car rental insurance agreement of car renting agency.

Foreign Travel – More Foods to Be Wary of When Traveling Abroad

We said in the previous companion article, “Foods That Can Make You Sick When You Travel Abroad”, that foreign travel and teaching English as a foreign language abroad are some of the most interesting and mind-altering experiences we can have. We travel to meet new people, to experience new cultures, to see bold new sights and to try new foods. We need to be wary of some “exotic” foods though. You want to avoid turning your dream trip into a nightmare. Truly the quantities of bacteria, protozoa, molds, fungi and parasites that can be ingested through food and drink are mind-boggling.

Here Are Three More Foods to Be Wary of When Traveling Abroad

o Raw, Uncooked Foods

Here we go again. Guess what one of the reasons for cooking foods is? Yup, you’re right. One of them is to kill germs, protozoa, bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms that are in the things we eat for food. Unless you’re sure of the source and treatment of what you’re about to eat, be very wary of seviches, escabiches, sushis, sushimis and other raw, uncooked or partially cooked foods while abroad. And don’t think that just because it’s “pricey” or served in a “good” restaurant or hotel, that it can’t “get you”. One of my worst cases of shellfish poisoning was when I ate from a seafood bar at a well-known Atlantic City Resort.

o Stale Foods and Condiments

How old is the “salsa” that you’re about to pour on your food? Has it been sitting there since it was made yesterday, last week or even, gulp, before…? If condiments are sitting out they are subject to insects, bacteria and molds. The longer they’re “out” the “deadlier” they can become. Bread, rolls, jellies, marmalades and jams, among other condiments are always suspect in my book. This is especially true when abroad where health and food standards may be “compromised”.

o Local “Delicacies”

We’re all tempted to try some local “delicacies” while abroad. Never mind how they tease you, insist on knowing what it is you’re going to be eating. How it’s prepared and how “fresh” it is or how recently it was prepared. I’m also extremely prejudiced against any dish made with blood or with blood products in or on it. In the Holy Bible books of Genesis 9:4 and Leviticus 7:26, Jehovah God distinctly says, “And you must not eat any blood in any places where you dwell, whether that of fowl or that of beast”.

Take heed. Be safe.

Watch what you eat and drink while traveling on business or for pleasure or when teaching English as a foreign language abroad.