Car Rentals – Take Your Time While on Vacation

Chicago is home to a lot of things. It’s nicknames represent it’s wonderful qualities and achievements. It is called the City of Big Shoulders due to it’s pioneering skyscrapers. It’s the Windy City due to the cold wind off Lake Michigan. It is the Second City since it has the nation’s second most progressive transportation systems, rich culture and flourishing economy. It is even home to President Barrack Obama. These are a few reasons why you might want to visit Chicago. And the best way to navigate this city is through Chicago car rentals.

Chicago runs third after Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s positions among the world’s major intermodal ports It is also known for being the only city with Class I railroads. Hence, you are assured that Chicago car rentals are very modern and up-to-date. Despite its world-class subways, it would also be appropriate to rent cars whenever you visit this city because it has nine interstate highways.

It has a lot to offer for business or pleasure needs. Approximately 30 million local visitors and 1 million foreign visitors come to Chicago annually. Perhaps this huge number of tourists is due to the many things one can do within the city. You can go upscale shopping at Magnificent Mile and State Street. Have a business convention in one of the country’s biggest McCormick Place. Whichever purpose you have in visiting, Chicago car rentals is the one of the best ways to travel there.

Car rentals in this city are very varied and much accessible. Some rental agencies are available through the Internet provide maps of the agencies located the area you are visiting. The maps consist of the major streets and the location of the agencies which are highlighted and numbered for easier tracking. Each number corresponds to a specific car rental agency address, contact numbers and company website. You could also put your address in the ‘directions’ icon and the agency would give specific directions from where you are to their office location.

Chicago car rentals offer a myriad of cars deals. They have special discounts for online reservations, coupons and free upgrades. Some of the car rentals there also give you rental packages: single, couples, friends, family, business. You could also change your car rental plan free of charge. The rates depend on the car brand, days you will rent and mileage. They even offer long-term leases especially for people who go there on a business trip. They could lease the car for a maximum of one month, and is renewable depending on how you have handled the car.

Chicago car rentals rates are from as low as $10 a day to $300 for long-term rentals. These rates do not include gas and insurance. However, there are some agencies that have cheap prices like at $68 inclusive of gas, insurance and 160-mileage.

If you want to screen all your car rental options, there are also online companies that review and compare all Chicago-based car rental agencies’ rates. Most of these review sites have easy-to-read comparative tables per car per agency.

Top Car Rental Questions and Answers

Every summer brings about roadways full of travelers all going somewhere on vacation, many of them in a rental car. Rental cars can be great as they can be tailored to fit the needs of a certain trip you are planning. With a rental car you are free to choose whether you need a minivan for the entire family or an economical smaller car for yourself, it’s all up to you. With renting a car, there are many questions that can be covered but there are three that usually come up every single time.

Here are the top three rental car questions and answers:

1.    QUESTION: ‘Do I need to buy the rental car insurance?’

ANSWER: Obtaining rental car insurance can be costly. In fact, there are certain instances where the insurance can cost you more than the rental itself. But you must keep in mind that YOU are responsible for the car you rent if any damages or even theft occur while the car is in your possession. Many individuals decline to get the coverage because they assume that their personal insurance or their credit card has them covered, only to find out later they were mistaken. Never assume. Always check first with your insurance company and or credit card company to see if you are fully covered. If you are not, then it is definitely to your advantage to buy the rental insurance, as you never know what might happen.

2.    QUESTION: ‘Is there any way to obtain a cheaper price than what I was quoted over the phone?’

ANSWER: Absolutely yes! Keep in mind that when you call for a price the agent is not going to tell you about any special deals that may be going on. The first step is to ask if they do have any unadvertised specials. You can also go online to book your reservation and many times this will save you money as well. While online, look for other specials like free upgrades or things of that nature that the car rental company may be offering. Triple A members can almost always save a few bucks, but only if they tell the agent that they are members. Lastly, call your credit card company. Many credit card companies work hand in hand with car rental companies and can give you a special ‘code’ that will save you additional money.

3.    QUESTION: ‘How far in advance should I book my car rental?’

ANSWER: You should always book your car rental at least one week in advance of your trip. Why? First of all you want to ensure that the vehicle you want will be available and the closer you wait until your trip, the more of a chance you have to get stuck with whatever is left on the lot. Second, and even more important, it may save you money. Here is another unadvertised special that the car rental companies will not tell you about. Really it is more of supply and demand. The longer you wait, the more the car rental companies generally charge because basically they know you will pay the fee as you have little choice. What are you going to do, walk to Disney? On the flip side though, if you book in advance, the car rental companies know you have plenty of time to call around and price shop if you are displeased with the price of the rental and so they will offer you a lower rate to try to seal the deal so to speak.

Car rental can be a headache and the car rental companies love to play the game. If you prepare yourself and know the answers to the top car rental questions, then you will not only be able to play the game with them, but win the game and save yourself some time and more importantly, money.

One Way Car Rentals

Car rentals are a great and safe way to travel. For a family who is always trying to save money they are very inexpensive. By using a rental car to do your traveling instead of flying, you could cut your trip costs in half! Perhaps even be able to afford two summer vacation trips instead of just one! So instead of flying to Florida, you could drive with one way car rentals. Drop the car off while in Florida, rent a new car when you want to come home and drop that car off when you get home at the nearest place. Then next month when normally you wouldn’t be able to afford a family trip to Vegas, you now can with one way car rentals! You could pick up your rental car at your nearest location, then drive it down to Vegas and drop it off by mapping out the closest location there to save money. Site see with the family and use the tour bus’ all week, then have another rental car waiting in Vegas to drive you and the family home with; then when you get home take the car you rented in Vegas and drop it off at the closest rental car place to where you live. It is that simple for a one way car rental!

Are you not planning a trip with the family? But you have a big date coming up? Well car rentals are so affordable that you could rent a car for that big date. Rent the car for the night, impress them, and then return the car in the morning and with one way car rentals if things go well and you stay over at their house if there is another car rental dealership closer to their home drop it off at that one instead! There are all kinds of rental cars for all occasions, so the hardest part about renting a car is picking out which one you want! I bet you never thought it could be that easy.

One way car rentals not only save you money, but they are more convenient too! Think about how easy it is to rent a car and drop it off at any of the several locations available instead of worrying about taking it back to rental place you originally got the car from. It is simple saves you time and effort and money! So next time you are thinking flying somewhere for a trip, think about a rental car instead! It is that easy!

Car Rentals – Enjoy Your Next Vacation

As long as you know the basics of driving, you will find it hard to get into trouble when driving in San Francisco. If you are thinking of getting a vacation from work and the first place you can think of is visiting relatives or friends in San Francisco, then you are probably wondering right now how you can rent cars when you get there. San Francisco car rentals are some of the best when it comes to rental prices, benefits, etc. However, driving in that city means that you have to absolutely know the fundamentals. Read on for some of the basic guidelines that you need to be aware of regarding car rentals.


When reserving a car, make sure that you show up. If you fail to show up at the rental company, they’ll charge you with a fee that’ll most likely surprise you quite a bit. That’s why you should always cancel a reservation in advance if you’re not sure about your trip. Most car rental companies basically charge you for penalties, but some are more tolerant when it comes to standard rental cars. However, it’s best that you research their cancellation policies just to be sure.

Age Requirement

All San Francisco car rentals are exclusive only to a certain age group. Young drivers under the age of 21 are denied by all car rental companies in San Francisco. Some companies even have their limit at people who are 25 years of age. You will likely find that it is hard to look for a company that lets 25-below people drive their cars.

Credit/Debit Card Requirement

Nearly all car rental companies in San Francisco require credit or debit cards from their customers. The main reason, of course, is for the security deposit during the time of rental. However, if you don’t have such a card, there is an option available in which you can elect to obtain what is referred to as a “prepaid voucher” through an agency that specializes in travel. You would have to pay for the rental car at the agency, though. You can bring your voucher to the rental company and show them that you paid already. Some companies of San Francisco car rentals still require a credit/debit card as a deposit even if you have the voucher, so it’s best that you still bring one.

Clean Driving Record

It is absolutely vital that you have a good driving record. That means that you must have no records of drunk driving (or other DUI), grand theft auto, and other major offenses. All car rental companies will reject you if you have even one serious offense. Other San Francisco car rental companies even reject you for minor offenses, too. Usually, it’s the recent occurrences like moving violations, seat-belt tickets, and other accidents (whether it was your fault or not), that gets you rejected by the car rental companies, so make sure that you have a clean record.

Here’s a final piece of advice: Be responsible. San Francisco car rentals are just basically standard cars. They’re not for speeding. Even the high-end rental cars are still vulnerable, so it’s best that you drive safely. Rentals are simply there to help you make your vacations easier and to make you more comfortable. It is essential that you use caution when driving a rental and ensure that you care for the vehicle in an appropriate fashion.

Device a Scheme to Get an Effective Car Rental Discount Code

The option of selecting a car rental, moreover, budget car rental for journey of any distant and beautiful place of your choice and preference is always a better and cheaper option of traveling over expensive taxis. Car rental in many ways is a better option than taxis as it saves your expensive time, otherwise, unnecessarily wasted over only waiting for them to collect you.

Above discussion was only about virtues of renting a budget car but on vices, it should not be as similar to lawnmower. The crux of the whole thing is that you should be bit careful while renting a budget car for you. In other words you can follow certain steps for finally picking a car on rent.

If you have not any specific choice for a car that you wish to Drive, then you can use a car rental web site to select a car on price of your choice and preference. At a web site you not only get a very lucrative deal for car rental but also unlimited mileage scheme for renting a car. If you go for a fly-drive package for the same car renting agency then you will see upgrade for your car rental but there would be denial of service when you would book airline yourself. Though there happens to be provision of car rental service from an airlines but that hardly remains to be economical, instead they happens to be very expensive in comparison to other firms.

And while surfing on internet, sometimes, you will find that a discount is available only on a company’s website. Searching for car rental on net is also a fun exercise and at the same time there is good chance that you may come across a special car rental offer that may be available for a budget car Rental company or other and above all you do all this absolutely free at complete comfort from your home.

If you feel yourself to be more comfortable in telephonic conversation with customer car executive at agency you can seek help for number of car discounts available to you at car renting agency and go only for the best deal. Also check out from the details of your credit card that it may not be providing discount on car renting from a car renting agency. If you are senior citizen or fall in any special category like military and others you can avail car rental discounts as provided under constitutional provisions.

However, don’t take any car for granted, if you are provided with discount on a car rental, generally, budget car rental happens to be low on maintenance so check out for all sides of the car for damage, and inform renter of the car about any damage if found as you would not pay for the dent on car while returning it. You can also save money after paying considerable level of attention on car insurance too as having a car insurance of your own car saves you from signing car rental insurance agreement of car renting agency.